Friday, November 14, 2014

A Nice Little Music Video

Flying Lotus is a big underground name in music. If you're keyed in to the scene, chances are you either know of him or your favorite guy/band/whatever is into him. Hard to miss this guy. Part of this is cause the music is, well, fantastic and not like much else of what's being done today. But this isn't about the music, it's about a nice little music video he did released recently.

It's a really simple little thing. I'm not here to marvel at the production or anything like that. I just want to comment on my appreciation for it, and how it nails the exact feeling of the song without dipping into crazed antics.

The song Never Catch Me is basically about death and our attempts at trying to evade it. It will happen. But damn it if we won't spend every waking moment of our life in defiance of it. The song's far more impressive then that little description makes it seem but the point stands. Now, the music video for this could have been a bummer. The first minute or so kind of is. These two young kids lie dead in a casket and it's not exactly happy times. But they rise up and dance. And they dance their absolute asses off. I had listened to that song one hundred times before but the core sentiment of it never hit me quite as hard as it did until I watched the video. They dance their way out of the church and into the street and then end up in a hearse and drive off, smiles blazing. It's just fantastic all around. Just goes to show, sometimes simple is the way to go.

(P.S. On an execution level, it shows that the 4:3 aspect ratio should not be merely reserved for old television and that if utilized properly you can make some real interesting stuff happen.

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