Wednesday, November 12, 2014

OK Go - Making Music Into Transmedia

OK Go is a music group known for their innovative music videos. Their fame started over five years ago when their music video for "Here It Goes Again" became popular for its quirky creative use of treadmills.

For every song OK Go has released, they have made a music video to go along with it that tries to top their last video. "Here It Goes Again" was made with little to no budget and no camera movement at all. Their videos have since expanded to include marching bands, green screens, guile suits, Rube Goldberg machines, musical cars in the desert, and much more. Some of them seen here:

Moving on from all of this though, they recently came out with their latest music video "I Won't Let You Down". This is the most professionally produced video I have seen from them, and the great part is that it goes far beyond the music video. But before I get too ahead of myself check out the music video below:

Pay close attention to the movement of the camera. The ending is the most impressive. And don't forget: one shot. 

The video's true quality came with their effective use of the Movi rig. 

This rig allowed them to have shots at eye level with the actors and then sporadically go to an ariel shot over the entire scene. But what I actually want to talk about is the transmedia aspect OK Go added to this video.

What is transmedia?

A lot what is sounds like. Different forms of media that are presented in a unified ways to create one larger piece of media  – all promoting the same materiel. In this case, their music video. For this they created an entire website with articles, games, and interviews pertaining to the video.

The Game, labeled as "Pre-Visualization", let's you design your own formation of characters and share it with friends as a video concept. This project goes above and beyond any music video I've seen, and I give several hats off to OK Go for not only surpassing the creativity of other music groups, but continually surpassing their own creativity. 

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