Friday, November 7, 2014

Props to Netflix

Recently Netflix has become its very own network of original series. Combined with the endless amounts of series it already has streaming, it has started to produce its very own media.
For example its hit series Orange is the New Black and House of Cards have been the frontrunners for Netflix's original series.  Both of which have caught the eyes of millions of viewers worldwide. Both of which have also managed to become award winning series.

But what I really love about Netflix is their work with the Trailer Park Boys series. Trailer Park Boys is a comedic mockumentary about a drug dealer and his friends living in a trailer park in Canada trying to make it out of poverty. The series has been around for 8 seasons and has made multiple movies before making its debut on Netflix. In my opinion the 9th and most recent season which was produced by Netflix is by far the best. This season offers the best quality videography and editing as well as writing.  

Things are changing in the way of watching television. Just about every show and season of that show can be seen on Netflix. Viewers much prefer the instant and on demand style of watching television and Netflix is taking advantage of that.  Watch for Netflix to start producing even more original series for us to watch. 

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