Friday, August 31, 2012

It all comes crashing down

“Jeter banned, baseballs integrity in doubt.”

What I wanted to tell was my version of what a worst case scenario for baseball would be. All my life I have been a die hard Yankee fan even though I live in New England. Growing up baseball was always a special game to me. It’s what my friends and I would talk about, we were all on the same team that my friend’s dad and my own dad would coach; It connected us as a community. To me growing up in the heart of the steroid era has taken its toll on the game. With players coming out almost by the day the sport has taken a huge hit for me. I always have said that if it ever came out the Derek Jeter did PEDs then I would drop the sport all together. Jeter has been my baseball idol growing up, he has always represented the right way to play the game. This “story” that I wrote proves that in six simple words baseball a game that I have loved for so long can come crashing down.  

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