Thursday, August 30, 2012

Six Word Story

I thought long and hard for the assignment and I came up with this:

"Keep running, the knife knows all."

After I came up with this, the creativity kept following. I thought of a short movie idea where the point of view of the movie is from a knife. So it would begin either in a knife block or hanging from a knife rack. A woman enters the kitchen and starts preparing a meal, so the audience would move with the knife (i.e. chopping vegetables). Eventually a scuffle happens and the woman stabs someone with the knife, so you would see the point of view of the knife going into the body (and the audience would be able to see organs). The woman freaks out and formulates an exit strategy and eventually the knife is buried along with the body.

It's a very loose concept and a very abstract idea. In other words it's a beginning.

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