Thursday, August 29, 2013

Three Axis Stablilizers Galore!

    Over the last year there have been some big announcements in the gear evolution of our industry. One of the most prominent is the three axis gimbal stabilizer. Now I'm sure most of you have heard of, or have even been able to operate a steady cam before, but before you dismiss this new technology as a gimmick or something that isn't needed, check out this video. MOVI. The video was shot by videographer/photographer galore Vincent Laforet (if you don't know who that is look him up). Vincent was one of the first people in the industry to turn DSLRs into film making machines, so his advice is not to be taken jokingly. The MOVI system is something he backs personally and the behind the scenes video will show you why. Unsurprisingly he is not the only one. Since its official release date two weeks ago, videos of the MOVI's unmatchable capabilities are popping up frequently. Here is a behind the scenes look at an extremely complicated one shot sequence done by Burton Snowboards using the MOVI system.

    Although the MOVI is the only official three axis gimbal on the market now it won't sit there unrivaled for long. Two other systems are looking to dethrone the stabilizer, or at least be able to compete. The Defy G2 and the Ghost stabilizer are two that are soon to be on the market. Who will win and be crowned supreme stabilizer? I have no idea, only time can tell. All I know is that these systems can add massive production value with a much smaller cost and will continue change our ever evolving industry.

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