Thursday, August 29, 2013

Zoe Kazan ignites her career with Ruby Sparks

      I recently watched the film, Ruby Sparks (2012). This romantic comedy/fantasy is a unique story, told through charming characters and beautiful cinematography. Calvin, played by Paul Dano (actor: Little Miss Sunshine, Looper), is a well-known novelist who falls in love with a character he creates. Ruby Sparks. Then one day, Ruby shows up in his house.

      It is written by Zoe Kazan (actress: It's Complicated), who also plays Ruby. Zoe is extremely talented and is becoming more famous. She received a BA in Theatre from Yale University. She's been in a few movies before this, and I find it very inspiring that she not only starred in this movie, but she wrote it. And the writing is great! It feels very real, and the story definitely tugs at the heartstrings. The relationship created between Calvin and Ruby is very relatable to me, and I'm sure other people, which is strange since it could never happen. But their personalities and the dynamic between them hits close to home. 

      The one criticism I have with the movie is the ending. It does not feel right to me. However, I don't even know how I would want it to end. I'm sure it was very difficult to find the right ending. Overall, I fell in love with Ruby Sparks just as much as Calvin did, and I think you would, too.

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