Thursday, November 7, 2013

Creativity and Storytelling

*Disclaimer, do not read post until after you have watched the video I am not liable for ruining endings*

     Almost everyday I try to watch to scroll through Vimeo Staff Picks and watch a few videos to see phenomenal videos. In my oppinion not all of the videos are good but they have a certain caliber of quality. Every once in a while there is a video that leaves me speechless. This was that video.
    At first I couldn't figure out why this video was so much better than all the others, so I watched it again and again and again. I realized a few things, one of witch is how well the story is told. Telling a story solely through images is a terrific thing to be able to do. From the first scene something is wrong, your heart is in your throat. Someones there someones watching him. Why does he run into the house? You feel compelled to run into the house as well, somethings not right. All of this is done with visuals.
   What is even more amazing is once you watch the video again. The continuity is pure perfection. Everything that happens in the is reflected somewhere previously. When he falls out of the window check 1:10. When he runs into the house 0:56. He even knocks the can on the floor when he passes himself. Nothing is skipped which makes the ending that much more surprising. The subliminal messages passed to you throughout the whole video click in that one lightbulb moment when you finally realize what is going on.
Do yourself a favor watch the video again, but I wouldn't suggest trying to count how many of him there are. Thats a chunk of my life i'll never get back. The answer is...

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