Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Free Birds" gobbled by critics

Free Birds

For my show The Screening Room this week I had to review the new animated film "Free Birds" which tells the strange tale of Reggie, voiced by Owen Wilson, an unusually smart turkey who attempts to get the other birds of his flock to realize their farmer master is fattening them up for Thanksgiving dinner. The graphics are not that impressive, but the storyline is amusing. There are not a lot of Thanksgiving themed films, besides of course the classic "Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving", so this one was intriguing and well timed. It has a great cast of Owen Wilson, Amy Poehler and the hilarious Woody Harrelson. Critics have been gobbling this movie to shreds, as they say it is"Technically proficient yet creatively moribund, Free Birds begs unfortunate comparisons with the dim-witted fowl that inspired it." Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a 19%. Enough said. 

Yikes. Sorry folks if you were looking for an entertaining turkey movie! The only thing this movie ignites in the audience is hunger. Yum, turkey. This movie is also featured in 3-D which I literally don't understand. Why would this movie about striking turkeys need to be featured in 3-D? I personally don't like the whole effect in general but they are just going overboard.Overall, "Free Birds" should have never been set free to the public. It has all the right components but it just doesn't pull through. And Owen Wilson needs to stop being animated characters. 

Here's the trailer:

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