Thursday, November 7, 2013


In 2010 Quentin Dupieux released a film entitled Rubber. Rubber was the story of a common car tire that gains sentience as well as destructive telekinetic powers. This was exactly as odd as it sounds. Two years later Dupieux release his newest film Wrong. Wrong follows Dolph a man who is seemingly oblivious to the oddities surrounding him. His clock reads 7:60 every morning, a palm tree in his backyard turns into a pine tree overnight, it appears to constantly downpour in the office Dolph was fired from but still goes to every day, and other odd events. Dolphs life continues as (un)normal until one day he wakes up to find that his dog, the one true love of his life is seemingly dognapped. This leads Dolph on a quest to find whoever took his dog and encounter many strange characters on his journey. Wrong had much more of a plot line than Rubber did, but still kept up the surreal nature from it. The writing in the film was well done with lots of fantastically witty dialogue. In one scene Dolph is talking to a man named Master Chang who says he may have information on the whereabouts of Dolph's dog. Master Change discusses how only after we lose things do we truly find out how much we loved them.
Master Chang: ...I only realized I loved my face after it have been burned with acid. But it was too late. Before it was just my face! I didn't know I loved it! I only started loving it again when it have partially disappeared. Do you follow?
Dolph Springer: Not really.
Master Chang: Man gets accustomed in all to things rapidly. He gets used to everything. When you get a new jacket you are happy to wear it but that weal wears off. You get accustomed and after a few days, that jacket doesn't bring you any joy at all. On the other hand... if that jacket is stolen from you... desire ignites again inside of you. All of the sudden, you miss that jacket, and you love that jacket again. Same goes for shoes.

Wrong is a surreal, Charlie Kaufman Esque mind trip that those who aren't afraid to think differently during a movie will enjoy. 

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