Thursday, November 12, 2015

The League

So we are in the middle of the football season right now, and many are checking their teams religiously. What teams am I referring to? Fantasy football teams. This game allows people to go head to head each week with individually drafted players to earn points based on their performance. It adds a little bit to the experience rather than just watching football. So how could a show possibly be made solely on this concept. I would've never been able to answer this myself, but it has been done in the form of The League.

This show is a sitcom that revolves around a few characters in a fantasy football league, and each season of the show follows them throughout the football season. The season opener usually deals with their wild drafting antics and the season closes with someone claiming victory and "the Shiva". The show also follows their personal lives as the get themselves into all kinds of awkward situations and bicker with each other nonstop. Honestly, the show doesn't even sound like it should work but it does.
Technically, the show is pretty basic, following basic rules like other shows, such as It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The main thing that makes this show pretty impressive is that he majority of it is improv. While they do have the general idea of the episodes and events laid out, the actors improvise the vast majority of their lines, and to great success too. Overall this show is way more funny than it has any right to be. A show based around fantasy football? Again, it doesn't sound like it could possibly be anything special, but oh how wrong that would be.

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