Thursday, November 5, 2015

What's in the /BOX/?!

See, being a production designer is hella fun but it's also hella difficult. Much like regular paint and canvas, a lot of planning has to come first and you have to think about the final product even though it's not right in front of you. After viewing a small video on the importance of props, I kinda sat back and laughed to myself because it was so incredibly true. Most of my life is surrounded by props; I even bought my boyfriend a prop from Twin Peaks just because he liked the show that much. Anyway, what I really wanted to get to was something that I found when I was just googling some stuff for gifts. After kind of letting the wind take me wherever on the internet,  a method I'm trying to utilise more now that Arturo had mentioned something of it, I found a website called Popcorn Garage. Check it out~ 

It's pretty much just iSpy, which is always a good time waster, but the key to this game is to find the prop and then name the movie. It pretty much just solidifies the whole idea of an object just becoming as iconic as the film and that's pretty chill. 

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