Thursday, November 5, 2015

What is a Bad Season?

Something that sometimes tends to happen with TV shows, especially when they are new, and a bit of a gamble, is that they hit what is called a Sophomore Slump. This is just a fun way of saying that their first season is great and has so much potential to turn into a viable and long lasting show, however when they head into their second season, they lose their fire.

We all know shows like this. The one that probably comes to everyone's mind is True Detective
We were all amazed and super amped when the first season came out. I mean come on, Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey! Who wouldn't be sold on the stellar cast alone? The first season was a pure masterpiece. But then like so many before it, the show took a serious turn for the worse in second season, and it hit a serious sophomore slump.

Anyway, and much more to the point, there was a show that came out of the gates sprinting, and it even aired mid season, and still was one of the best new show on TV. It's just a little show called Empire, maybe some of you have heard it. 
So this show ended it's first season with a bang, literally. Everyone was just waiting to see what happens next with the notorious Lyon family. A few websites that I frequent were concerned for the sophomore season of Empire and if it would fall down the same hill that so many promising shows had done before it. However when the new season aired in late September of this year, this was not the case. Empire has been consistently in the top 10 shows, rating wise, on's weekly ratings list for all things TV. Here is it's ranking on the week of its season 2 premiere 
So far, there has been not even of a whisper for a sophomore slump from Empire. Each week the show has churned out consistently top 10 ratings and top notch content. I for one cannot wait to see what the future of Empire holds

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