Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Digital Viewfinder for Cinematography (DView)

       I am back again with another application that may be able to aid in you in your kit as a filmmaker. This week I am posting about an iTunes application called Digital Viewfinder after Arturo mentioned the The Wolf of Wall Street in the ASC and more specifically how the director chose from various camera's and lenses in order to achieve the final look of the scene. This app does just that by allowing you to easily visualize shot framing for a number of different cameras and lenses without having to actually bring all the equipment along to the location. By replacing the classic director's viewfinder this invaluable application not only mimics a wide variety of professional film equipment but it also gives desired aspect ratios, focal length, full meta-data and GPS coordinates. Additional features include being able to organize your location photos into projects, share your photos or create a PDF report and lastly if that isn't enough it also allows for the selection of 45 professional digital and film motion picture cameras including names like Panavision, RED, Sony and Phantom. Lastly the app allows for you to share your shots by sending them via iMessage, AirDrop, Email, Facebook and Twitter. Digital Viewfinder for Cinematography is $29.99 on the iTunes app store and is available for both the iPad and iPhone. This could be a handy tool for upcoming projects especially if you are involved with preproduction planning!

Here a few screen shots showing some of the features I have outlined above...

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