Friday, December 6, 2013

Kazaam & Kazaamukkah

Back in 1996 people apparently thought basketball stars could act. We saw the release of two films of such topic. Space Jam featured Michael Jordan and Kazaam featured Shaq. The latter received very negative reviews and is considered one of the worst films ever made. From December 1st through December 8th my roommate and I decided to watch Kazaam every day/night. 8 days, 8 viewings of Kazaam. This is Kazaamukkah. 

As I type this I am currently in the middle of viewing 6 and I still have two more viewings to go. I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on the film so here it goes. The story follows Max, a white boy with a metrosexual haircut and one missing parent that all 90's films seemed to have. Max is chases by bullies into a abandon building where Max falls on a Boombox which releases rapping genie names Kazaam, played by Shaq. Shaq is as good an actor as one might expect, that is, terrible. Shaq informs Max that he mas 3 wishes and Max realizes that until Shaq grants his wishes he is his slave. From there they go on an adventure that includes Pirated CD's, a villain who is introduced 45 minutes into the movie and two raps songs. The story is terribly put together, makes no sense. Yes it is highly enjoyable even 6 times. No excuse me I need to finish my viewing.  

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