Monday, December 2, 2013

"Soft Focus? Fix it in post."

"Soft Focus? Fix it in post." While that is a phrase no one will hopefully ever say on set, there is a camera that can do just that: Fix focus in post. The Lytro is the first commercially available, consumer level, still-photography camera that doesn't just record a 2D image, it records the entire light field. This  allows for entire new editing possibilities in post. The two most outstanding features of the Lytro is that you can shift the focus and slightly change the perspective after the shot has already been taken.
Try it out on a few pictures here:

The Lytro however, does not support any video recording capabilities. There are many things that excite me about this camera, and many features I feel it is lacking. Regardless, this is a unique, new advancement in the world of consumer cameras. Advancements like these force other companies to step up their products and make advancements of their own. At the rate technology is changing and being developed I can't wait to see whats next.

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