Friday, December 6, 2013

"It only cost how much to make?" : Primer

This week I had the pleasure of viewing the science fiction drama film, Primer, directed, written, and produced by Shane Carruth. By my roommate's request, I went in with no knowledge of what the film was about, besides the fact that "the movie is insane" and that it has a cult following. Oh, and that it only had a $7,000 budget. Oh, AND there was a crew of only 5 people...

The opening scene was as visually appealing as any other multi-million dollar movie you'd see on the big screen, and as I soon found out, so was the rest of it. The cinematography was flawless, the editing seamless, and the dialogue more intriguingly confusing than anything else I've ever seen (a lot of mathematical discussion that wasn't dummied down for the audience). I would definitely consider the movie experimental in the way it was shot and in the plot line itself. For instance there are several points during the film where there are some rather jarring cuts which help show the disorientation that the characters are feeling when they are inside the time machine and directly after they time travel. That brings me to the plot: a few engineers accidentally find a way to make a time machine (keep in mind the $7000 budget here), and it looks absolutely realistic. Definitely check this movie out!

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