Thursday, December 5, 2013

It aint pretty but it works

So you plan weeks in advance, write lists upon lists of the exact gear you'll need for each shot while you're on set. So finally the day comes when it's time for pre-production to end and to get into the thick of the film making. But somethings not quite right? Somethings missing or broken or the gear you got still wont get you the shot or you have no gear at all! The site is dedicated to these kinds of instances.
     On shitty rigs you'll see everything from professionals to complete amateurs building finecking and just grabbing whatever is on hand to get the shot they need. Some are ridiculous such as a camera masking taped to the tripod or a 5d mark II taped to the ceiling with a mirror behind it. The basic idea behind all of this is you don't need everything in the world to make a good movie. All we need is ingenuity  and duck tape. Thats all I ever want to use anyway.
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