Friday, December 6, 2013

Dive into the bargain bin

So, you're walking through the grocery store, wal-mart, or anywhere fine cheap movies are sold. You look into the bin of cheap DVDs, and spot something familiar. You wonder to yourself, is that [insert big name animated movie here]? Upon closer inspection, you see that it is an impostor.

Enter the world, of Video Brinquedo, a company in Brazil that specializes in making rip-off animated movies. To put it bluntly, Video Brinquedo movies are terrible. The animation is bad, the character models are bad, the movies as a whole are bad. 
Click the picture to experience Ratatoing. (Or at least the trailer)

All the Video Brinquedo movies re-use assets like there's no tomorrow. The rats in this movie? Get ready to see them in the other Brinquedo movies, along with all the other past models and characters.

Thing is, Video Brinquedo makes money from these. Enough that other studios are following their example.

Kiara the Brave isn't even a rip-off movie though. It's actually an original animated film from India. 

Click the picture to see the trailer. 

Having watched Kiara the Brave or "Super K" as it's actually called. I can say that it isn't very good, but it isn't a shameless Video Brinquedo-ter rip-off. The animation isn't nearly as bad either. 

It's a shame that smaller studios have to rely on tricking people into seeing their movie. Hiding behind the guise of an established movie is downright pathetic. Cheapo animated movies aren't going anywhere soon though. So strap in, grab the popcorn, and get ready for The Last Flight of the Champion.

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