Monday, December 12, 2011

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

Over the past couple of years, I have been a pretty avid follower of the yahoo top news stories. I know its not the greatest link for news, but it gets the job done and helps me stay knowledgable about what's current. Recently, I just saw an article that talked about movie extra's in feature films and how people will do anything to even have a chance to be on the big screen. The producers and directors will normally send out a mass invite to anyone in the local area interested in part taking in his/her feature film. This past summer, I drove out to Heinz Field In Pittsburgh, PA to be apart of the The Dark Knight Rises. The final batman movie had a scene in the stadium where the main villain interrupts the game being played with explosives and fireworks. It was sweet to see all the cast members and have the chance to be in the background of a very popular soon to be film.
At the end of the article i was reading, the author provided a link to a youtube video of the world's most used extra. The video identified the person in over 50 films and
shows, a pretty impressive number if you ask me. The man's name is Jesse Heiman,

a 33 year old actor who still to this day plays teenagers and young adults in the backgrounds of many films. In some cases, the actor is paid for the countless second he is on the screen for. I thought it was cool to have a chance to be in one movie, but this guy has been in over 50, a number that will probably never be topped.


  1. I first noticed him as a background guy in the show Chuck (he is a recurring extra who works in the show's fictional store Buy More). The more I watched the show the more I noticed him in other stuff too. It's weird because though he has been on Chuck since the beginning I think he maybe had one line. I think it is very interesting he has apparently made a career out of being an extra.

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  3. Steve you were at Heinz Field?! I was too! It was such an amazing opportunity and cannot wait to see how it is all put together.

  4. Watch this video. It shows all of the stuff that he's in: