Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Hobbit in 3D

The Hobbit, produced by Peter Jackson, is a one of the most highly anticipated 3D films yet. Using a total of 48 RED cameras, mounted on special rigs, The Hobbit will be shot in 5k resolution (over 6 times 1080p) at 48 frames per second. This allows for an incredibly sharp image and a very wide depth in the scene. Since the lenses are so large on the RED cameras, they have to use mirrors and have one camera bounce off of it in order to shoot in 3D. The rigs allow the crew to add depth to all access of the movie, they shot in the same style as they would a 2D movie, with dollies and handheld, getting the perfect shot. They allow the audience to feel part of the scene by using a unique set.
The resolution changes the way they create the characters as well, since it is so sharp and intense, they have to recreate a natural skin color on top of the characters skin, adding tones of red. They have to be incredibly careful with the colors as well. This movie seems unique because the 3D planning was done all the way through. Even in pre-production stages, the concept art and designs were all done in 3D. Peter Jackson is a big fan of 3D, even keeping 3D pictures from all of the past Lord of the Rings movies, "the reality is, it's not that difficult to shoot in 3D. I love it when a film draws you in and you become part of the experience, and 3D helps immerse you in that film".

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