Sunday, December 11, 2011

TV majors or New Media?

I realized that doing a weekly blog post on TV is trickier than I originally thought. Besides the fact that I am slow at this stuff and people already made blog posts of topics I want to talk about, I do not watch TV. I have no time to sit down and watch an episode or two of a show (well I do have the time I just rather play Skyward Sword or League of Legends, it is all about priorities).

However I make time for web series and content, even if I do not have time for them I quickly watch a video on the internet for a quick laugh or something. Some of my favorites are Mega 64, 5secondfilms and Epic Meal time.

These are hilarious and wildly successful web series but one can easily argue that the production quality is not always top notch, that a normal person with a camera and a good idea can make those videos. But I think that is why they are so entertaining, they have great ideas and that is what matters.

Ithaca does a good job teaching us about how to hold a camera, to set up lights and edit a video but I think we lack a focus of creativity. Do not get me wrong I enjoy free range on some of my projects but guidance would also be a great help. More classes that builds on imagination and doing something different. We are taught to make great normal videos, but when will they teach us how to make the next big hit on youtube?

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