Monday, September 8, 2014

Innovation in cinematography

In the past, cinema used to be a very small form of entertainment. It used to be that only people who have experience and access to video cameras, could be cinematographers. In addition, the only way to share those videos would be through the screens at movie theaters or on the televisions at home. As of now, that preconception of cinema is a thing of the past. Anyone and everyone can become a cinematographer thanks to the availability of high definition cameras followed by using the internet to share their videos with anyone, at anytime, anywhere in the world.
Take the GoPro camera for example. GoPro is an american corporation that manufactures high definition cameras that are durable enough to be used for extreme action cinematography. This camera alone has captured some of the most breathtaking videos anyone has ever seen.
Because the GoPro camera is so small, users can strap the camera onto themselves and put the viewer of video in their shoes. For example, this video puts you in the driver's seat of this BMX rider. When watching this you feel like you're riding this bike down this treacherous hill. This is called a Point Of View shot or (POV). GoPro was made for this kind of shot. 
Breathtaking, huh? 
Without the technology of the small GoPro camera, this stunt would be next to impossible to do with a larger camera (Think of trying to do this with an FS100 camera). Without the BMX rider being the videographer, we wouldn't have been able to get this thrilling footage. And without the help of Youtube, we as viewers would have never been able to experience something quite like this unless we did the riding ourselves. Do I have any takers to do this stunt to experience the real thing?............Didn't think so.   
My main point of this post is if it weren't for the innovations in camera technology, our cinematic experiences would be very limited. If it weren't for the innovations in cinematography, we'd still be getting our cinematic experiences through the movie theaters or the televisions in our homes.Where else would you be able to experience riding that bike in the previous video if it weren't for the BMX rider who strapped a GoPro to his helmet to give us this great POV footage? I believe cinematography is changing from something that was once so small into something so universal.  

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