Friday, September 19, 2014

Shooting 4K films on your iPhone?

So we all know about the new beautifully clear 4K TVs and more importantly, 4K filming cameras. Now that they've been out for a couple months prices haven't started to calm down and they are a bit more affordable. Since it has come out though new technology around 4K filming has emerged. Other than the 8K TVs and whatever else they have now, they've developed a new way to film 4K film without buying a 4K camera. Recently an app has been developed for the iPhone that seeks to bring 4K filming, editing, and delivery for phones everywhere at a big price.

The app known as "Vizzywig" is estimated to cost an estimated $1,000. It will allow you to film at 24 high resolution frames per second at a data rate of 72MB/s. The creator Michael Zaletel made the app in such a way that it allows you to actually add transitions titles, music, ect. Currently the app is only available for IOS 7 and IOS 8 and requires at least 32GB or 64GB memory card.

This addition to the iPhone is revolutionary for filmmakers everywhere and even the common folk. Having this ability can greatly impact the average persons ability to make great films. It is definitely upping the popularity of film making. For more information view the link and watch the attached video to see what you can do.

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