Friday, September 19, 2014

My experience at the Toronto Film Festival

This past weekend I ventured to Toronto, Canada with a few of my friends during the Toronto Film Festival to see a film premier that he had worked on. It was an amazing experience.

The film didn't exactly get accepted into the film festival however. Or really even get submitted. Here's a preview.

My friend spent ~2 weeks traveling across the country with other skaters, skating hills, parks, ledges, and anything else they could find. I got the opportunity to see the video premier before it was even released online at a party with all of the skaters in the video.

The day after that was an event called The Toronto Board Meeting. Basically hundreds of skaters meet up and skate through the middle of Toronto and we all wear a suit and tie, get it, "board meeting."

Here are some pictures from the event:

All photo credits go to "skate invaders"

There was an insane amount of media coverage, from skaters, videographers, news teams, and even a drone. Being around and spending time with the guys who premiered the film helped me learn a lot about making professional quality skateboarding media. While there isn't really much money to be made in the skate industry, or any money at all, taking this skate trip made me realize how open I would be to living on the road and working in the skate industry producing media for various companies. 

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