Friday, September 26, 2014

Shooting for Sports

(Tim and Eric's Sports Song) 

We've all at one point in our lives have watched some sort of sporting event on television. Whether its the Olympics, a collegiate sporting event or even the pros we've all seen similar styles of how a sporting event is covered. But when you watch the event, do you ever notice how many different camera angles there are covering that event? Do you ever hear the differences in sound throughout the stadium and in commentator's booth? Heres what the mapping looked like for the FIFA 2014 soccer championship. 
Notice the strategic placement of the 26 cameras and microphones spread out throughout the soccer stadium. The majority of microphones are pointed at the field to capture the sounds of the game but there are also a few microphones pointed at the stands to capture the roar of the fans when their team scores a goal. The combination of these microphones give the viewers at home the sound needed to feel like they're at the game. In addition, cameras are also strategically placed throughout the stadium to give viewers at home all the angles of the game. Notice the cameras placed on the sidelines of the field to give viewers those wide angles to see the whole game and the close up shots of the players and coaches. Also note the cameras on cranes behind the goal posts that give viewers all sorts of different angles behind the goal post.  

Take a look at this highlight reel and see where each shot comes from and try and guess what microphone is capturing the sound.  

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