Friday, September 5, 2014


This past spring I spent a semester in Los Angeles. I interned at a production company called SoulPancake which is what made my experience in LA so amazing. I worked with five other interns and created two of our own videos while also assisting on other videos and shows with the rest of the SoulPancake team.

I definitely learned the most from creating videos with the other interns because we weren’t just assistants. We were in charge of the project start to finish. We had to produce, direct, edit, etc.

The video below is our first video. I co-produced and edited it. It was a four-camera shoot and we were very frazzled because it was our first one. We didn’t use a clapboard which made my job during post-production a little more difficult.  We had three days to edit it until it was released on Valentine’s Day. One of those days was used to sync all of the footage without the magical software known as PluralEyes. The head of production and channel manager didn’t think we could get it done but we did! It may only be 3.5 minutes but it wasn’t scripted and there was A LOT of footage. We talked to real people strolling around the park and had to create a coherent story with the answers that they gave. It was a great learning experience! After making this video I became more interested in documentaries and the non-fiction side of production.

The Garden of Gratitude is the second video we created. I edited this video as well. We asked random people to come inside our courtyard and dedicate a plant to something or someone who had helped them grow. It was very challenging to convince random people to come into a place they weren't familiar with and answer questions. However, as a result I learned a lot about how to approach and talk to strangers.

SoulPancake has some amazing videos on their channel so I urge everyone to check them out here!

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