Friday, October 3, 2014

Film Riot

As we launch ourselves head-first into the next project, a few of us might be scrambling to think of a pitch: something that will captivate an audience, something that will hook viewers, and something that could stand on-par with other festival-grade features. But where to start? Where do we even look? Honestly, it really depends on what type of person you are but if you're finding yourself in a creative slump maybe it's time to look for some inspiration.
Film Riot could be exactly the resource you're looking for. Hosted by Ryan Connolly, this is a youtube channel that is dedicated to offering tips, tricks, and tutorials about all states of production. It offers the perspective of someone who has had his own film entered into the Tribeca Film Festival, and people who specialize in a specific area (such as Dustin Lee from Full Sail). In this episode, they basically go over the fundamentals of scriptwriting. And while it may be something you've heard before, it's worth reminding yourself what exactly a good script is made up of.
And while tutorials are not everyone's cup of tea, Film Riot strives to put a friendly and like-able face to its product. They feel less like a lecture and more like we're casually learning with him (Ryan) as he explains how he managed to accomplish this special effect or that specific shot.
If you continue on through his channel, you’ll discover a plethora of filmmaking tutorials that really help when it comes down to conceptualizing exactly what you want to do in a feature length film and how exactly you need to do it.

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