Monday, October 20, 2014

Downgrade Magazine

Downgrade Magazine is the name of a currently non-existing magazine with a particular focus on downhill skateboarding.

It has the been the collaboration of 5 different artists for the past 2.5 years, and now they finally feel that they have enough material to come out with their first issue.

There are plenty of downhill skateboard magazines already:

But I feel that Downgrade is bringing something entirely new to the table. All magazines are designed to be ad free, with no forced influences from outside sources. They will be releasing 3 magazines a year, each with a different focus and theme. 

Issue 1 will feature only photographs and will be printed on unbound, heavy weight newsprint, designed to be taken apart and displayed. Issues two and three will have their own unique focus's, ranging from the history of downhill skateboarding to the current people that make the industry what it is. 

Another thing that makes this magazine so unique are the influences of the five photographers who make up DGM. They all come from different photography and skateboarding backgrounds, giving this magazine a vibe that is different from any magazines currently in the industry. 

(Matt K, photographer for DGM and famous skater. PC:Thomas Trnka)

The people behind the magazine are extremely devoted to their craft, and it shows. To make the first issue a reality they are asking for $20,000 on kickstartr. This sounds like a lot, but for the first print of a magazine that is ad-free, it is a reasonable amount. Here's their kickstarter video: 

DGM's photographers are so unique and have such immense skill that I believe this magazine has the ability to both non-skaters and skaters alike. I strongly encourage you to watch their video, if not to donate, just to see what they are about and appreciate their take on photography.

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