Friday, October 31, 2014

Music Video Trilogy

I recently watched M83’s last installment to their music video trilogy. Early on  music videos became narrative short films. Now it doesn’t even matter if the song has any direct relation to the story or that the band didn't appear in the video at all. The video became an entity unto itself, a film of its own. Sometimes a story is epic enough to warrant a sequel, and rarer —a trilogy.

M83’s trilogy started with the song “Midnight City”.

In this video we meet a group of children with special telekinetic powers imprisoned in an asylum. However they escape for a short while and live like regular kids until they are recaptured from the authorities and put back in captivity in the second music video installment “Reunion”.
In the final chapter “Wait” the story reaches a new level of abstraction.
I loved this music video trilogy. It placed me in a different world. The shots were breathtaking with the close-ups, landscapes, space travel, nature, etc. The end of the trilogy wasn’t very conclusive but I liked how it left the story open to interpretation.

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