Friday, October 10, 2014

Book Lighting

Book lighting refers to a technique of manipulating light to create a nice, soft, bounce light.

Position your light at a 45 degree angle to a bounce source so that your subject is lit primarily from the bounce. Add a layer of diffusion in between your subject and the bounce. The farther your diffusion is from the bounce, the softer the light will be on the subject, and likewise, the closer your diffusion is to the bounce source, the harder the light will be (but it will still be a soft light). This makes the bounce the primary source of light, with no light from the actual fixture reaching your subject.

This technique can be achieved very easily with equipment accessible to all of us. 

Use a powerful light (1K or 2K both available from PPECS) and then as the bounce source either use a reflector, bounce card, or muslin (available at any fabric store), and then diffuse it through a diffusion gel (cheap online, or ask around, I'm sure someone you know has one you could borrow). Good luck!

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