Thursday, October 23, 2014

Things PPECS should invest in

Being a employee and customer at PPECS there are a couple of things that I believe PPECS should take a look into getting sometime in the near future. One of the things I think PPECS should get is drone. No not one of the drones that Obama has been using to blow up the middle-east, I mean one of the drones capable of shooting video and taking pictures from high altitudes.
According to these drones come in at a mere $1159.00 (which isn't a whole lot compared to some of the other stuff PPECS has). But the capabilities of the drone are definitely worth the price tag. This drone is capable of reaching distances anywhere from 1640 to 2296 feet into the air. In addition, the drone is attached with a camera capable of shooting in 1080p HD and taking stills with 14 megapixels.  And the best part is that the drone is capable of being controlled via your smartphone. That'll be a huge favorite feature for our tech savvy generation.  

Think of the possibilities a drone could bring to Ithaca College! Student film projects would be able to include beautiful, dare I say even gorges, aerial footage of Ithaca. The drone could even be used to help improve the football team, providing a new perspective to review footage for practice. UCLA's nationally ranked football team uses the drone to help in practice. (UCLA using a drone to help in practice) 

If you aren't convinced yet about getting a drone, check out this video of a drone flying over the city of Nashville's 4th of July fireworks display. 

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