Friday, October 3, 2014

How the trailer convinced me NOT to watch the movie

The purpose of a movie trailer is to excite the audience and encourage them to go see the movie for when it actually comes out. However, there have been a few movie trailers that I've seen that did the exact opposite for me.

The Giver:
I first read the book "The Giver" in grade school when I was forced to write an essay on it. Unlike most assigned readings, I actually really enjoyed the book and really got into the story. I can remember a time in class when we actually talked about how it wouldn't make a good movie because of how the whole movie was based around a slow reveal and the main character's thoughts. Here's the trailer:

Spaceships at the end? Did the creators even read the book? I was half expecting the trailer to end with "directed by Michael Bay." I talked to a friend who saw the movie (but didn't read the book) and he actually really enjoyed it. So maybe I'm just being a hater, or pictured the book in a different way than anyone else, but I never would have guessed that, that trailer would be for "The Giver."

Cabin in the Woods

I actually have seen "Cabin in the Woods," and I thought it was a really enjoyable movie. But the trailer wouldn't make it seem like that. The actual movie was a really unique take on a genre that is normally over-saturated with similar ideas and basic plots.

The thing that "Cabin in the Woods" is how unique it is. The trailer makes it seem like the movie carries the same plot lines as every other scary movie: The hot couple, the stoner, a cabin in the woods, a lake, a creepy old man, ect. They hinted at the unique portion of the plot, but not enough to actually know that the movie would be anything different.


To be fair, I have not been a fan of this movie since the beginning; since I found out that they were making a movie based on a board game. I realize that people are struggling to come up with original ideas for movies; using a board game that I learned to play when I was 6 seems like a bit of a stretch.

It starts out seeming like it has an actual plot that seems vaguely based on a board game (basically just naval battles). However that quickly turns into something with aliens and giant metal robots coming from the sea and a bunch of other big explosion-y things that happened really quick that I didn't understand.

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