Friday, October 17, 2014

Skateboarding tool repurposed to help find locations

Another post about skateboarding! Kind of...

The other day in class, instead of doing my work, I was doing skateboard related things on my computer. More specifically looking for more hills to skate down. Arturo walked up behind me, and instead of criticizing me for not doing my work, he was interested in the website I was using. Its called "" and its pretty simple to use. Its a topographic version of Google Maps,  and you can find the slope between two points on a road by simply clicking them. It will give you a detailed breakdown of the elevation, elevation change, average grade, steepest grade, ect.

And it also incorporates Google Earth and street view, so you can see your location more realistically while still at your computer. 

After I showed Arturo he told me that I should write my next blog post about it. Originally I was super skeptical, because it really doesn't seem that useful in a location scout application. And truth is, its not. If I'm attempting to find locations I'm never going to use findhills first. There are few reasons to use it over Google Maps. But, that one time where you do need a location on a hill, its an amazing tool. So overall, don't use it, unless you need it. 

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