Thursday, September 20, 2012

American Horror Story

Happy Thursday,

It is that time of year again, when our TVs become filled with new shows and our favorite series are back on the air. Last year, I became completely addicted to the FX television series, American Horror Story, produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. The show features an incredible cast including, Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Dylan McDermott, and Connie Britton. I was immediately addicted to the show because of its successful attempt on turning horror into television. I have been a huge fan of scary movies since I was a young child so I was extremely thrilled to get my scary fix from a weekly show. The show did a great job of maintaining the storyline throughout the season, with surprising plot changes and a strong character dynamics. Each episode left me excited for the next. I love Jessica Lange, for her part as Constance. Constance makes her presence known in the first season for her dark past with the house and her obsession with her youth. She is a strong and bold character and never fails to turn up the drama. 

Season two begins October 17 at 10/9c on FX. This season is set to take place in an insane asylum, instead of the victorian style California home, putting more focus on the living than the dead. Adam Levine, Lily Rabe, and Zachary Quinto will be making a debuts as vital characters in the show this season. It is rumored that season two will feature new characters, new locations, and new twists. Check out the trailer below.


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