Sunday, September 9, 2012

One Shot Film & The Dictator

Hello all! Let me start off with The Dictator. If you haven't heard of The Dictator, shame on you! The Dictator is a film directed by Larry Charles and starring Sacha Baron Cohen as the dictator. You all know Sacha Baron Cohen right? Starred in Borat and Bruno? To be completely honest, I personally do not find comedy films to be very funny most of the time. This may be because I am a critic of comedy and have my own expectations of comedy since I perform comedy myself, but comedy films normally do not interest me and I dont watch them. This movie however caught my attention and I thought it was very funny. Was it racist? To an extent I believe it was. It played into a lot of stereotypes of middle eastern countries. I questioned whether it was these stereotypes that generated the laughs and in fact I think they were, but of course there were other funny parts. I think you should check out the film and see where your laughs generated.

As for my one shot film, I love my idea. There will be a guy drinking out of a bottle in a dimly lit room looking at a sealed envelope. He will then get up and the scene will fade to black. Suspenseful right? The idea is to get the audience thinking about the envelope, what can it be? Is it important? Why is he drinking? What is he drinking? Can you have some? I'm joking, but im excited about shooting this with my group and seeing how it turns out.

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