Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Last Farm

I recently watched a film called The Last Farm and found it very touching. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Live Action Short in 2006, but did not win. What I found so interesting about this film was it's use of P.O.V. In the end, when the main character is burrying his wife, we see the camera look up at him from the ground. The shot evokes a feeling of longing, as if we are his wife looking up at her husband from her grave. Another interesting use of P.O.V in this film is used a few shots later when we become the husband, lying next to his wife as the dirt falls, burying them in their graves. We first see a shot of the man, with a look of peace on his face, and then we are looking through his eyes at the sky and the dirt as it falls and eventually convers the entire screen. I also really liked the way the last shot is framed. We see the last few flecks of dirt fall onto the grave right as the man's daughter pulls up to the house. The camera contiues to pan, away from the grave, the daughter in her car, over the lovely landscape that this man and his wife must have admired, and finally ending on the sky, signifying heaven; the afterlife; peace. 

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