Friday, September 14, 2012

How I Met Your Mother is probably my favorite show. I'm pretty obsessed with other shows like Dexter, True Blood, and Breaking Bad, but in a different way. I can watch reruns of HIMYM all day and not be sick of it. If you haven't seen it, the narrator is the voice of Ted Mosbey, speaking to his children in the future. The show is made up of flashbacks of his life, telling the story of how he met his wife / their mother.

It's a weekly, 30 minute sitcom. A lot of people don't like the fact that there is a laugh track, but I don't really mind it. The writing is hysterical and the character development throughout the series just keeps getting better.

I need to start watching a movie a week instead of my normal brainless television shows every night before bed (South Park, Family Guy.. etc. -- even though those shows are awesome!)

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