Saturday, September 29, 2012

One Shot

My group shot Sam's one shot film this past Thursday. I think it went pretty well and Sam seemed to enjoy the clip. We ran into some complications when we first started. We had envisioned using a dolly but the concreate was way to bumpy to allow us to shoot a steady shot. We used our noggins changed how the actor ran, where he ran, and how fast he ran. All three of those elements, when adjusted, tell a whole  different story. Interested to see what the class thinks about it on Monday. 

I was also suppose to shoot my one shot film Thursday but my actors never showed, I knew I should've just asked Denzel Washington to do the scene. We waited awhile for them to show and they never did and group members had prior commitments so we called it a wrap after Sam's shoot. While hanging downtown I ran into a friend and I told him about my one shot film idea and he gave me an idea and volunteered to act in it, so we shot the scene since I had nothing else to shoot. I thought the scene came out ok, especially since it was a last minute idea. I went to go look at it on my mac later that night and it wasn't playing for some reason. I'm going to try again after this blog, if I'm still having issues with it I'm just going to shoot another one shot scene. 

One thing I notice when shooting scenes is that you should always expect something to go wrong. There is typically always something that doesn't go as plan and you'll  need to think on your feet and make adjustments. Preparation is key but you can't really prepare for the unexpected, just when shooting a scene you must always be on your toes and expect the unexpected. 

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