Sunday, September 9, 2012

One Shot Story

After contemplating for a while on an idea that would satisfy me for the one-shot story project, I think I have finally thought of what I will shoot.  I have decided to focus on a person that is rising out of slump so-to-say.  I think it is very inspirational when people who are down because of one reason or another, and then they rise up and move-on or move past what is bringing them down.  As a one-shot story, there is a ceiling on the amount of detail I can include.  That is why I was planning on shooting a character who is down in the dumps, and then begins to act out to rise and change his ways.  However, we do not know what has made this character in a negative state, and we do not know what triggered the character to begin to change.
     One possibility I was thinking of showing how the character is in a negative place is maybe showing him/her in their room with garbage all over the place, dark lighting, and food containers scattered all over the floor.  That would show is probably in a depressed place.  And then if the character gets out of bed and starts to clean up and turn on the lights, that would show a change in the characters feelings.  One problem I have with this idea is that I feel like this is a very overused scene of a character that is depressed and then gets out of the funk.  So for the next couple of days, I will try to think of another way to show this negative to positive character transformation.

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