Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's All "Elementary" My Dear Watson

Or is it? With the fall season upon us once again, so too comes the plethora of new shows. And much like new born sea turtles, they must try their hardest to make it out alive. I guess you can consider me a hungry grubbing seagull, because I've locked my eyes on one particular aqueous babe and I'm going in for the kill.

On September 25 at 10pm, CBS will attempt to hop on the Sherlock wagon, because come on let's face it, Sherlock is a complete and total BAMF (I know I'm dating myself, I'm sorry). Though I admire their ambition to help keep the Sherlock torch ablaze, I don't think the results will be quite as they hoped. I quote straight from TV Guide (see, it's useful), "a modern take on the crime-solver with Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock, a recovering addict and NYPD consultant. His Watson is his "sober companion," a former surgeon — and a woman (Lucy Liu)." I'm not sure all of the added elements are needed. What appeal does Sherlock being a drug addict bring to the story? Wouldn't the copious amounts of drugs have effected his intelligence? I feel it's insulting to the character and his integrity.

Next off, tackling cases in New York City? It's seems forced and inorganic. Sure the character mentions that he worked with Scotland Yard, but then why not go to some other European country? It certainly would be closer to home then a trip across the pond. An aside from my beratement, I appreciate how they've tried to modernize Watson by changing his gender. I feel as long as they don't try to pull any romance business then that relationship will work.

Overall I feel that the creators are only using the name "Sherlock Holmes" to try and gain attention, they haven't really done anything with their adaption to commemorate the character and his efforts. Don't worry though, I won't just leave you high and dry. There is a solution, Sherlock.

 From this weird pairing of the BBC & PBS, they've created a wonderful show about Sherlock and Watson in the modern day, but do so with respect to the characters and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Two series (in the UK they call seasons series) have already been produced and filming for the third begins in January. The production design, cinematography, and acting are phenomenal.

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