Thursday, September 20, 2012

Life in a Day

So as I was browsing my Netflix homepage, I came across this documentary called "Life in a Day". I had never seen it on my homepage before and it had a pretty title cover, so I decided to watch it. (Yes, in this case I did judge a 'book' by its cover...and glad I did.) This movie has no real storyline and no main characters. The filmmakers asked people from all over the world to record their life for a day, July 24, 2010. It shows people living their daily lives and doing their normal routines, but from people all over the world. It has multiple languages and shows many different cultures.

I'm not really sure about who they asked to record their lives. Some of it is clearly amateur recording, but the majority of it is actually really beautiful. Some of the shot composition is truly gorgeous and very professional looking.

Very few characters are shown more than once. Sometimes they will do a brief montage showing 1 or 2 characters lives entwined, but then will never see them again. They show just enough of certain people's lives that you care about their well being, but aren't attached to them just yet. Some characters are briefly shown throughout the film.

This shows happiness, hope, fear, conflict, and similarity all over the world. It shows all of our similarities and differences in an extremely powerful way. It is awesome. I really recommend watching it, it is on Netflix - how convenient !

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