Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Class Wrap Up

This class in all has taught me a lot - I have gained experience that I did not have before. I had my first directing experience, which was amazing! I have previously thought that I would like to produce better, but it felt so much more natural for me to be directing. And just like every production class I take, the more projects I do, the more experience I get, the more mistakes I make, and can learn from those mistakes. Arturo, you were a great tool that we were able to utilize during these projects.

Besides talking about how great this class was, I have been watching some films from the recommended list. So far, I am happy and entertained by everything I have watched. I think that even once this class is over, I will continue watching the films on that list!

I also just want to say how happy I am with our final, Rat Bastard. We had the best crew that did their jobs perfectly. The editing and sound in the final product looks amazing. I am beyond proud of it! Thanks to all the Rat Bastarders (thanks Lindsey for that great word)!

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