Monday, December 3, 2012

Rat Bastard

Yesterday we wrapped on shooting our final project, Rat Bastard. It was a very long day, to say the least. Starting at 915 am on a Sunday for college students was difficult for us. It took awhile for us to wake up and get moving, but we managed. I was directing this project and I feel so lucky to have my first directing experience go as smoothly as it did. Having seven group members proved to be SUPER beneficial, even though I thought it would make things more difficult. Everyone did their jobs and it saved so much time to not have to constantly be trying to get people back on track. Sometimes there were a couple people taking a little break, but there were at least four or five people at all times that were on their game and getting things done. I was really lucky to work with a crew of competent people to help my directing go well. It was also extremely helpful to have people specifically concentrating on shot logs and continuity.
I am so happy we are done shooting and it went as well as it did! I can't even articulate my relief! :) I can't wait to show the final.

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