Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wrapping of Rat Bastard

We just finished filming our final project "Rat Bastard". It was a long grueling day that started at 9am and went until about 5pm. We finished ahead of schedule! We weren't planning on getting done until 6:30pm, which is nice. We all worked together throughout the day and shooting went pretty smoothly. I loved our actor that played Jeff. He was a great guy, with a great attitude. It can be hard working with college students. We aren't always the most organized, but he stuck with us and had great patience. I'm very appreciative of that. I thought that having such a big group was going to be hard, but fortunately, it turned out that having seven members working on this project was very helpful. We each had a role, and stuck with it, switching here and there when someone needed a break. Having so many of us allowed us to have a few members who worked on script coverage and shot logs, which is a luxury that I hadn't had before. Usually groups are scrambling to do audio, video, and lighting and there are no spare hands to help with anything else. Having script coverage and a shot log helped to maintain continuity, and will make editing easier for Tori when she is sifting through all the footage. I don't have any of the set pictures we took, but we took a lot..... some nice pictures... some not so nice pictures. Lets just say some of us were tired. It was a great experience and I feel like I learned a lot. Hands on experience is the best for me, I learn a lot quicker because I have to! I am extremely tired and am so glad it is over. Great job Rat Bastarders. We did it!

Oh and there's this..... apparently we aren't the first to make a film with this title. Enjoy?

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