Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Moon and the Son

Out of all of the movies on Aruturo's list that I have watched, The Moon and the Son was by far the most interesting and different.  The Moon and the Son tells the story of a an adult man, having the conversation he always wish he had had with his father.  It is also written animation so there are beautiful, abstract drawings in the film along with a collection of old photos.

This is a very entertaining short-movie, only about 30 minutes long.  The voice-acting is very amazing and it really is a journey as the son learns so much about his father he did not know.  The director and writer, John Canemaker, clearly had something burning inside of him that he lets out in this story.  As therapeutic as it must have been for him to make this, I also felt a relief when watching this.  I recommend everyone watch this because it has beautiful drawings and tells the story of a character finding comfort after holding anger inside for such a long time.  Here it is.

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