Thursday, December 20, 2012

I miss you guys, but I've missed Netflixs more

Now that the semester is over I can abuse Netflixs by watching as many shows and movies as possible before the spring semester kicks in, all for 10 dollars a month! This has to be illegal! So far I've watched two TV show series, Flash Forward and Day Break. Flash Forward was a show based on a flash forward everyone in the world experienced at the same time. Some fancy scientific explantation was given on why the flash forwards occurred but everyone's flash forward gave them a glimpse of their future 6 months in advance. People began to live their lives based on what they saw in their flash forward. In one detectives flash forward, he was actually solving the case of the flash forward as he was trying to solve why the flash forwards happened in the first place and who was behind them. It was only one season and the ending wasn't too good so I wasn't too pleased. But Day Break made me have faith again. Its a show starring Taye Diggs and Diggs is a detective who is framed for the murder of a DA. The issue is, the day starts all over again every day. So the day is always the same but different things happen depending on what Diggs does in that day. Injuries carry over to the next day, which is the same day, but the things he tells people does not. Each day he tries to get closer to solving who really killed the DA and who is framing him and why. This show is DOPE! I like it. It's only one season, for whatever reason, but i enjoyed it. Now I'm watching Sons of Anarchy, HOLY CRAP! This show is awesome. Im surprised how much I'm actually enjoying it. I told you all I will abuse Netflixs. Are there any other shows I should watch? Let me know! Thanks for an amazing semester and I'll see you all soon.

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