Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rat Bastard

What a semester it has been! I have to say that I learned a lot from this Fiction Field II class. Each of the assignments were meaningful and got me to think about how I go about shooting and techniques in different and interesting ways.

This past project, Rat Bastard was probably the most stressful but also the most fun. While we didn't leave ourselves much room for error and didn't give ourselves a whole lot of extra time to shoot if we made a mistake, the pressure almost made it more exciting and it motivated us all to work hard. My favorite part of working on Rat Bastard was being able to put Arturo's directing methods to the test in order to get the desired performance out of our actors.

The reason I think our final project turned out so successful is because we all shared a vision on how the final product should look.  The project was very much a collaborative effort from Lindsey, Dave, Sam R, Sam M, Chris, Tori, and me. Another great thing throughout the shoot was that even though people more or less had set tasks, we were all open and receptive to each other's ideas and suggestions to improve the shoot.  In addition, we made sure to keep the shooting environment fun and not too serious. I think that the process of shooting should be an enjoyable, fun one though it can be stressful sometimes. Based on the behind the scenes of The Hobbit video we watched in class the other day it sure seems like everyone on that production had lots of fun and worked equally as hard. Thanks to my great group for keeping it fun and creating a great final result. Good luck to everyone in their future filmmaking endeavors!

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