Friday, December 14, 2012

To be continued

Hey guys. Very excited for tonights screenings. If you get a chance, come a little bit early. I was fortunate enough to DP a thesis film being screened before ours titled "The Call", directed by Sarah Furie.

My final post is gonna be about a film I watched for one of my missed blog posts (ironic, eh?). Last night I watched Fahrenheit 451, a movie that was trippy as hell, to be quite frank. The movie catches your attention right off the bat with the intro credits done as voice over, something I've never heard of before, over flashing neon images. This immediately drew me in. I thought that something like that was extremely innovative and creative especially for a movie done in the 60's.

On that note, I also thought the movie was very before its time. The twisted, dark sense that you get in the first few minutes gave me a very Clockwork Orange kind of vibe; one that seems extremely risque for its time. The cinematography and set design was also very stunning for such an old movie.

Overall I felt that Fahrenheit 451 was a very good movie. It starts off in a way that really throws you off and, at times, turns you off from the movie. But if you stick with how strange it seems at first you realize it is in fact a great film. 4 stars.

Have a good finals/break everyone! Good luck to all you who are off to LA.


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