Monday, December 3, 2012

Who you calling a Rat Bastard?

It's a WRAP!! 

Get it? Because in film that say its a wrap when they are done with a shoot but that is a picture of a wrap like the sandwich! Get it? Oh you people don't know comedy!

Sunday was a GREAT production day. In all of 9 hours we were able to shoot our final project. Though the day was long, the crew and cast made the day run a lot smoother then I thought it would. I was very impressed on how organized and detail oriented we were as a team during the production. I've been on productions where everything is just all over the place and we would waste a lot of time trying to figure things out when things should have been figured out already. This past Sunday, the crew showed up an hour before the cast. We set everything up and went over shots before the cast even came, this way when the cast did come, we were able to jump right into recording. We ended our production 45 minutes before the scheduled end time. Impressive right? Yea I know, I know. I just want to give a big thank you to the crew for holding everything down, from the script writing, to directing on set, to making sure we had all the audio covered. A very organized team made for a successful day of shooting and i'm happy we're done. BOOM!

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